EP 2 (2021)

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EP 1 (2021)

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Beckholmen Songs (2020)

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Rhythm Leaf (2020)

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Trace Element (2018)

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Aspirin – An Introspective Compilation (Kning Disk, 2016)

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The Lost Fast One (Kning Disk, 2014)

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Battlefield 3 Original Soundtrack (with Johan Skugge, 2011)

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Battlefield 4 Original Soundtrack (with Johan Skugge, 2013)

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Battlefield 3 Premium Edition (with Johan Skugge, 2013)

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Battlefield 4 Premium Edition (with Johan Skugge, 2015)


Harpsi Shimmer (as The Northern East. Nordmark Records, 2017)

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Citizen Bird (with Silverbullit, MNW Music, 2001)

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Arclight (with Silverbullit, MNW Music, 2004)

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Orginal Soundtrack for Battlefield 3 (2011, with Johan Skugge) imdb

Original Soundtrack for Battlefield 4 (2013, with Johan Skugge) imdb

Additional Music for Rage 2 (2019) imdb

Crossfire X – Operation Spectre (upcoming game, Remedy 2021)


Kim – Den Skalliga Primadonnan (Directors: Fredrik Egerstrand & Tintin Anderzon, 2017) imdb

In Between (Director: Petra Markgren Wangler, 2014)

Lisas Känsla (Director: Saga Gärde, 2013) imdb

Isolerad (Directors: Johan Lundborg & Johan Storm, 2010) imdb

Kid Svensk (Director: Nanna Huolman, 2007) imdb

Love and Death (Director: Tuija Lindström. Liljevalchs Museum, 2004)

CONTEMPORARY DANCE MUSIC  (a short selection of productions)

Extended (Choreography: Helena Franzén, Dansmuseet, Stockholm, 2018)

On The Road (Choreography: Zvi Gotheiner, Next Wave Festival BAM, New York, 2016)

Meeting You (Choreography: Franzén & Flomin, La MaMa, New York, 2016)

Trigger Point (Choreography: Helena Franzén. Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm, 2010)

Orelob (Choreography: Kenneth Kvarnström. GöteborgsOperan, Jacob’s Pillow, 2008)

Out of Reach (Choreography: Helena Franzén. Stadsteatern, Stockholm, 2015)

Destruction Song (Choreography: Kenneth Kvarnström. Norrlandsoperan, 2008).


Orlando by Virginia Woolf (Director: Maria Weisby, Nynäs Slott, 2021)

Tunnlarna P3 Serie / Radioteatern (Director: Fijona Jonuzi. Sveriges Radio, Radioteatern, 2018)

Tunnlarna P3 Serie (Producer Sara Lundin. Director: Fijona Jonuzi. Sveriges Radio, Radioteatern, 2018)

Laina och Fåglarna (Director: Michaela Granit. Eskilstuna, Stockholms Stadsteater, 2017)


A diverse selection of my music, new and old, work in progress, unreleased material, here on Soundcloud