September 7th, 2016

American Dance Institute, Rockville MD. I’m excited to stay at The American Dance Institute in Rockville, Maryland for one week in september. I’ve written the music for the dance performance On The Road by choreographer Zvi Gothenier. The performance will premiere at The American Dance Intitute september 9th, later also playing at The Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York City, in november 2016. More info and tickets can be found here.


May 22nd, 2016

La MaMA, New York City. The Dance Performance Meeting You by choreographers Helena Franzén and Ori Flomin will be performed at the La MaMa theater in NYC 28-29th of march, I will be statying a week in NYC to work with the choreographers who also dance the piece. More info at La MaMa here

March 4th, 2016

Music for Harp and Tuba. I have recently finished the music for a dance performance by choreographer Helena Franzén called Going Astray. The music is written for harp and tuba and is played live during the performance by harpist Ljubica Seculic and tubist Anton Svanberg. I also play some effects live, reverb and delay and have some pre-recorded music that blends in with the live instruments during the performance. The performance will be played in Vänersborg and Stockholm during the spring of 2016.

Photo By Ville Oinonen.


March 4th, 2016

Aspirin – An Introspective Compilation. The Kning Disk label has released a compilation with 20 instrumental tracks I recorded between 2000 -2015. The tracks are from film, contemporary dance and art projects, or not from any particular project. The compilation will be released on cassette and also by digital distributors, iTunes, Spotify and Amazon among others. The cassette can be purchased here.

November 21st, 2015

The Lost Fast One video – A beautiful, dark and wintry video by Jon Lindroth to my track The Lost Fast One Part III:

October 19th, 2015

Out of Reach – Dance Performance at Stockholms Stadsteater (Stockholm City Theater) 15-25 october. I’ve made the music for choreographer Helena Franzéns performance Out of Reach. The music is partly pre-recorded with different drones, synthesizers and effects. But I also play live during the performance on a Nord Piano through some weird effects. For more info on the performance and tickets, check here.

August 26th, 2015

Välkomna att lyssna på en diskussion om musiken till dansföreställningen Out of Reach. Den 21 oktober kommer jag tillsammans med biblotekarie Johannes Mayer att samtala om musiken till kommande föreställningen Out of Reach (koreografi: Helena Franzén) på Kulturhuset här i Stockholm. Men också i största allmänhet om hur det är att skriva musik till dans och andra projekt. Mer info om Stadsteaterns samtalsserie Fråga mig om dans finns här. Out of Reach har premiär 15 oktober på Stockholms Stadsteater, biljetter och mera info finns här.

June 29th, 2015

Battlefield 4 Premium Soundtrack! Some more music from the game Battlefield 4 that me and Johan Skugge composed the music for is now released on a new album. This is our fourth album with music we made from the Battlefield games, amounting in a whopping 66 tracks altogether on four albums. Find the album here on Spotify or on iTunes. The other releases include the Battlefield 3 Soundtrack, The Battlefield 3 Premium Soundtrack and the Battlefield 4 Soundtrack. All these albums are available on iTunes and Spotify and many more places.

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