Jukka Rintamäki is a composer whose work includes music for film, contemporary dance, video games and several other projects. Born in Vasa, Finland in 1974,  Rintamäki now lives in Stockholm where he composes and produces music in his studio.



Doing the sound design for choreographer Virpi Pahkinens performance Vindvaka at Sörmlands Scenkonst in collaboration with Giron Sámi teáhter.


Creating the music and sound design for the theater play Orlando (Virginia Woolf) at Nynäs Slott (Nynäs Castle), directed by Maria Weisby for Sörmlands Scenkonst. Releasing two contemporary classical EPs,  EP 1 and EP 2 on the label Van Drumpt.


Composing the soundtrack for the game Crossfire X, Operation Spectre for game developers Remedy Entertainment / Smilegate. Composing the music for a dance performance by choreographer Helena Franzén that had a scheduled premiere at the International Theatre and Dance Festival at Theater X in Tokyo in June, but is postponed due to the pandemic.


The dance performance On the Road by choreographer Zvi Gotheiner was played at Joe’s Pub, the Public Theater in New York. The game Rage 2 developed by Avalanche Studios / Bethesda was released, I produced some additional music for the game. The dance performance Meeting You by choreographers Ori Flomin and Helena Franzén was played at the Tel Aviv International Dance Festival. I produced and played live on the concert Kite at the Royal Opera,  two sold-out concert with the band Kite at the Royal Opera in Stockholm. Working with the soundtrack for the game Crossfire X, Operation Spectre for game developers Remedy Entertainment / Smilegate.


Composing music for an new instrumental album that will be released later this year. Also composing the score for a P3 Serie radio play for Sveriges Radio called Tunnlarna. Doing music for theater and dance performances.


Release of the album Harpsi Shimmer with the indie project The Northern East on the label Nordmark Records. Also composing and recorded music for 3 different theater plays, a video game and 2 contemporary dance performances. I also composed the music for the documentary KIM – The Bald Primadonna, together with fellow composer Per Störby Jutbring. The movie was the opening movie for the Tempo Documentary Festival in Stockholm 2017.


Included music for several theater plays and contemporary dance performances. One of them was the performance On the Road by New York based choreographer Zvi Gotheiner. The performance played as a part of the Next Wave Festival at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) in november 2016.


included composing music for the dance performance Tremolo for Uppsala Konsert och Kongress and later also perfromed at the 92Y Harkness Dance Center in New York. The release of the album Lucky Resident with their bandproject No Science. The release of a fourth soundtrack album for the Battlefield game series Battlefield 4 Premium Edition OST. And composing music for the dance performance Out of Reach at Stockholms Stadsteater. Another instrumental album released on Kning Disk was released: Aspirin – An Introspective Compilation.

2013 – 2014

included the release of the soundtrack for the game Battlefield 4 that Rintamäki and fellow composer Johan Skugge wrote the music for. The two of them also released a single – Magnificent Arp – on the record label BLVVD in november with their project No Science. Rintamäki also composed music for 2 dance performances and did the music for a dance documentary, In Between. 2014 also saw the release of the instrumental album The Lost Fast One released on the label Kning Disk.

2011 – 2012

Rintamäki together with composer Johan Skugge wrote and recorded the original soundtrack for Battlefield 3. Rintamäki also produced four tracks with Maria Lindén on the album Hearts by I Break Horses. The release of a Silverbullit EP, Interstellar Dwellar, together with Freddie Wadling.